Magic card sleeves

Ever wanted to have those fancy magic card sleeves?

We have all seen those cool looking card sleeves used on tournaments, but did you ever think of getting one of those sleeve packs? I did, while I was younger I always bought sleeves for my cards, pokemon cards, digimon cards, yu-gi-oh cards, you name it, I always protected them!

Why should I want to protect my cards?

The best reason to protect them is obviously to conserve them and make them last longer. Grease from our fingers stick to the cards, believe me I am a magician, I go through decks of cards regularly. Magic card sleeves will help you make your cards look new, stylish and give them a unique professional look.

Recommended magic card sleeves

These are some of the recommended magic gathering cards sleeves, some of them are official and some are 3rd party, be sure to check them out!

Ultra Pro Sleeves
100 Raven Deck Protectors

Dragon Shield Sleeves



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