A reward I won for my trick

Magic and me

What does magic mean to me?

Magic is my hobby, and hopefully I can someday make a full living out of it. As a college student I can’t make money doing magic as I don’t have enough time to go around and make people happy.
I really enjoy performing magic tricks to my family friends and strangers. Magic is something that brings the inner child in everyone of us. It makes us feel like miracles are possible, especially the visual type of magic that I prefer and usually perform.
As many of you guys know there are many different types of tricks, and many tricks out there just don’t have that little something that makes people going woah.
Before I started doing magic people always recognized me as a funny but calm person, always helping and caring, but I never needed to be the in the center of everyone’s attention, but as I started performing, now everyone at home, at college, on the street, friends ask me: “Hey how did you do that trick? Come on tell me!” and stuff like that. It really makes me who I am as magic nowadays isn’t very popular.

Magic rewards

I recently won an award for a small competition a magic shop in my country did, I was really happy about it. But other than that I even earned some money, but not much, as I rarely ask money for making people happy. That’s what magic is all about: Making both you and your audience feel happy and amazed. There were many times I did tricks but people weren’t amazed. And it was because I didn’t believe in magic, and so did they.

Where i get my inspiration to do magic

Well there are many resources on the Internet but I have to name few of them over here, as they really helped me develop:

Other than those there are many others but these guys really helped me develop both my techniques and gave me ideas for tricks. If any of you guys are ever interested in doing magic, I highly recommend those 3 as you will jump from a complete beginner to a mediocre magician in a matter of months, even weeks if you are very consistent and hard working.

My goals in Magic

My future goals as a magician are to start doing street magic regularly and find a good and a reliable way to monetize my magic skill. I would do birthday parties and such, but I really think magic should also be shown to grown ups, as magic over here in Croatia isn’t as popular as it is in some other countries.
Also recently I found out that one of my friends started doing magic so i hope we can do some duo’s on the street as it’s always more fun when doing magic with a friend.
Take care, Nino Krizanec, your magician.



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