Easy magic tricks for kids

a kid magician holding a rabbit in a hat

Kids in magic

Kids are most certainly the best audience for magic tricks. As kids do not have developed and obviously lack the knowledge and common sense of adults they are more easily fooled. Also kids tend to be very good performers, especially for other kids.
In this post I will be talking about some easy magic tricks for kids which you can teach your kids.

Basic magic tricks for kids

Easy guessing trick

One of the most basic tricks a kid can do is a basic guessing trick. There is a small preparation to a trick, you need 2 identical small objects which can fit into your kids closed hands, like coins, small balls, stones, anything. You place an object into every hand and you start your act. Showing your audience only 1 object tell them that you are going to place your hands behind your back and place an object into either left or right hand. Than bet them that they can never guess which arm holds the object. Naturally they will say that’s impossible and luck based. Now if they say left hand, you simply open up the right hand (as you have 1 object in each hand) and show the object saying, no you were wrong see, it was in my right hand, and just repeat the process of placing hands behind your back and “shuffling” the object. Naturally if they choose the opposite hand just open the other one, they can never win and they will be pretty amazed.
I’ve done this trick to lots of adults and they never suspect that you have two objects in your hands, enjoy this one.

Easy card trick for kids

This one basically is super easy! For this trick you will need a deck of cards, it can be new, old, damaged, missing some cards, it’s all good. So to start off with this is a trick utilizing a force. Force is basically a way to force someone to pick a card thinking they picked it by free choice. This force is called the hindu force and I will post a video of a good youtube teacher Mismag so here it is, watch this video and come back to the post.

After learning the hindu force what you want is practice it a few times, preferably in front of the mirror. You want to remember the bottom card and force it. After the audience takes the card say to them that you will mentally transfer the image of the card from their mind to your mind. Now as you already know what the card is you only need to act as if you were doing some mental stuff, preferably stare into their eyes make some goofy gestures and slowly pronounce their card. Remember timing in magic is everything, you don’t want to say which card they have chosen the moment they take it, take your time and act it out, you will thank your self later when you amaze your audience.

That’s it for now, i will be posting easy card trick tutorials daily so be sure to check back on the website!


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