Fire magic trick

magic circle and a pen

A magic circle with a Pen

Reveal your spectators card with fire

This is one of my favorite tricks that I perform and believe me it will be one of your favorites too. I came up with this trick after seeing a video of a guy deleting his writing on the paper with a lighter. Now what makes this special is the fact that people don’t know that thermo sensitive ink can be erased with fire. People aren’t even aware there is such thing as thermo sensitive ink.

Things you will need to do this trick

  • A piece of ordinary paper
  • A deck of cards
  • A Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen (you can get one at your local store, or cheaper at
  • An ordinary Pen in the same color as your Pilot FriXion pen
  • A lighter, or a source of heat


First off you need to write down the card you will be forcing on a piece of paper, but you need to be creative and mask it in some other text, a drawing, or something similar like I did here:

Jack of Diamonds paper phase of fire trick preparation

Simple drawing

2nd phase of fire trick preparation

In the first phase write down or paint the card you are forcing with a pen or pencil, and than in the 2nd phase paint something over that with Pilot thermo sensitive pen. Also now will be a good time to prepare your force card depending on your method. I usually use cull force as it is 100% successful. Now you are ready to start your performance.


Start the performance by telling your spectator to select a card, and force your desired card using your force method. After forcing the card it is all down to your acting and drama skills. You can make this into a funny act or a very serious and dark one, it is all up to you. Just have them return the card into the deck. Take out your paper from your pocket and hand it for inspection, you can get some laughs if you have the above version! After saying that the paper is magical grab a lighter and gently pass the fire underneath the paper and let them see the magic: The house and the sun disappear as their chosen card appears! This is truly a magical moment and this will get good reactions.

Bonus tips

  • You can make your paper look old like i have done in the first picture to give it that ancient and mystical look which can make your spectators think that is some mystical drawing from old times of magic or such.
  • Wikihow article which will show you how you can make your paper look old using different methods.
  • To reverse the erasing of the heat sensitive ink, put your paper in the freezer for 5 minutes and the ink will reappear.
  • You can leave the paper to your spectator as a souvenir


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