Card tricks for beginners

How to start doing tricks?

First thing in magic is practice, you can do every trick in the world if you practice hard enough. Some people will need half an hour for a certain skill others will need days or weeks!

So to start off you have to know that revealing tricks to lay-man not only has negative effect on your tricks, but also has a negative effect on what people think of magic. Magic is an art, it is not cheating in any way unless you use your skill in cheating.

There are many magic tricks for beginners and many of them can impress most of the lay-man. So if you want to start doing some basic tricks, read along.

What do I need to do tricks?

Nothing! The answer is nothing, beginner tricks (atleast teh ones I will be presenting over here) usually only use items that can be found at your house, such as coins, balls, and playing cards.

How to learn tricks?

I wanna be a Magician

First off, no one can tell you the best way as we are all different but I can suggest that you first off learn card techniques, the basic ones, than after haveing learned those, move on to the most basic card tricks utilizing only 1 or 2 of the techniques, as you get more skilled you will be able to do longer tricks which require precision and multiple consequtive uses of techniques.

I just want to impress people

Go straight for the basic tricks for beginners. I will post a list of tricks which are really impressive and don’t require much practice for all of you who don’t see themselves as magicians but rather as entertainers.

Basic techniques

Card Tricks

Riffle shuffle

Everyone should know how to riffle shuffle, not only is this one of the most impressive shuffles, but it also shuffles the card very good. Also in casinos, dealers use this kind of shuffle. Believe me when you learn the riffle shuffle you will never let it go.

Basic cuts

You need to know how to cut the cards. We magicians cut the cards in many different ways, we mostly do false cuts, but also real cuts and complete cuts. Be sure to be very confident when doing cuts becouse most of the beginner card tricks require you to cut the cards.

In hands spread

One of the most basic card techniques you will need to do tricks. Spreading your cards and letting the spectator choose a random card. Be sure to learn this one well as it will server you forever.

Double lift

The bread and butter of card magic, without this 70% of the tricks wouldn’t exist. What Double lift is is simply lifting two cards but in a way that looks like they are one card.

Pinky break

A classic, you will need this one for those tricks where you magically find your spectators card. Putting your little finger in a deck of cards is an art for magicians.

Card Vanish

This is a technique and a trick combined, very visual card vanish in your hand. This is pretty easy for a beginner and after about an hour of practice you should be able to do it.

That’s it for now guys, check back for more magic!




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