About me

Basic info

Hello guys, my name is Nino, I am a college student from Croatia. I am so glad you stopped by my site and I hope you are enjoying yourself over here. I really work hard to make your experience the best that I can. I really hope that in the future I will be able to provide even more information to all you card magic and magic card lovers.

Me and magic

So i started doing magic when I was around 16, those were the days! My little brother got a book called something like “Magic for kids”. I was so impressed by it that I couldn’t stop reading it. It had all sorts of card, coin, stage and every other kind of tricks. So basically I learned my first few tricks from there.
After a while I forgot about magic…And I just rediscovered it a year ago when I went All-In to become the magician. And here I am now, an amateur magician, entertaining friends and family, even strangers sometimes.

What can I help you with

Well I can teach you everything I know about magic, flourishes, techniques, kids magic, party magic, magic for grown ups. Followed by that as I am also a computer engineer I am very good at pc :) So on my website you can find rare and cheap decks of cards, even magic gathering 100 rare uncommon cards and many more!


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