A reward I won for my trick

Magic and me

What does magic mean to me?

Magic is my hobby, and hopefully I can someday make a full living out of it. As a college student I can’t make money doing magic as I don’t have enough time to go around and make people happy. I really enjoy performing magic tric

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Magic Gathering 10 rare uncommon cards

Everyone loves rare and uncommon cards! So do we, we did some research to bring you the best of the best magic gathering 10 rare uncommon cards.
Here we go:

  1. Mana Drain

  2. Dark Ritual

  3. Skullclamp

  4. Balance

  5. Sol Ring

  6. Marsh Flats

  7. Windsept Heath

  8. Scalding Tarn
  9. Bloodstained Mire

  10. Verdant Catacombs

Basically these cards are community voted to  be the top 10 magic the gathering cards of a

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